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Collection Agency Georgia

Creditors who are pursuing a debtor for the collection of a debt in Atlanta or the State of Georgia need the services of an aggressive and experience debt collection attorney. We work on a contingency basis to collect debts and file suit, file garnishment, levy on property, domesticate judgments in Georgia and collect on judgments in the State of Georgia. Companies or businesses in the state of Georgia that extend credit in various ways are always susceptible to customers that may not pay their debt in a timely manner or may not pay at all. If your customer refuses to pay and becomes a debtor it is important to seek the help of an experienced debt collection law firm.

Debts Collected in Georgia

No matter the type of business, whether you are a supplier, medical provider that needs to collect on medical debts in Atlanta or in Georgia, or a company that supplies labor and materials, we can help. If the debtor has ignored your demand for payment, filing of a lawsuit may be a possibility for you as a creditor. The State of Georgia has many laws that help protect creditors and help creditors enforce payment of a past due balance against a debtor.

Law Firm Collection Agency

The best option in the state of Georgia for collecting debt is with a law firm with vast experience in handling debt cases. The reason being you will not only have a team of expert collection experts but also professional attorneys that understand the laws and the statute of limitations so you do not wait too long and run out of time to collect debt that is owed. Our staff of experienced collectors and paralegals will provide debt collection support for your case throughout the entire process.

A debt collection lawyer in Georgia is abreast of all the all laws in their state as well as the nation that govern debt collecting. Every state has a different set of laws that must be adhered to, from the first step all the way to receiving judgment and onward. If you must go to court, you will need an experienced debt collection team of experts that know what is needed in court for you to win your case and receive a judgment against those that owe you money. Once you receive the judgment, if you sit and do nothing, then you still may not receive the debt that is owed. With a knowledgeable collection attorney by your side, you will know your options and will be able to receive what is duly owed to you or your company.

Your Collection Agency in Georgia

At experienced debt collection law firm, we provide our clients with the experience of a complete team of paralegals, investigators, and collectors, in order to provide the best results for our clients. We do all the legwork prior to legal matters as well as provide you with a systematic solution in order to understand the collection process. Our comprehensive solution is the best in the state of Georgia providing you with a team of experts that have proven success.

Our collection solution in Atlanta offers our clients the most all-inclusive collection process in the business including the usage of the art Collection Master™ software that provides the tracking of each debt collection claim handled by our firm. We work diligently with all aspects including pre-judgment attorney demands, the filing of the lawsuit, discovery, and trial, to post judgment collections including garnishments and property levies and attorney fee recovery, our collection agency law firm provides inexpensive solutions for creditors.

We would like to take this time to offer our services to you as a Debt Recovery and Creditor law firm with a free consultation. At our Atlanta Georgia office, we offer a free consultation to companies and businesses that need help with debt collection. You can contact one of your professional debt collection attorney’s today at 678-566-6800. The consultation is offered with no obligation for future services.