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    Corporations are both simple and complicated to understand. They are treated both as individuals and as companies, can finance themselves simply or with great complexity, and have many benefits for shareholders and boards of directors. Moreover, the machinations of how corporate entities change hands and purposes can sometimes resemble a web of political intrigue from a television drama.

    With so much going on both inside and outside corporations, you need good legal counsel providing solid guidance on the corporate matter important to you. Our lawyers are here to do just that. We have dedicated corporate law-focused legal professionals ready to assist you with enforcing contracts, merging with another corporation, or any other corporate situation you may find yourself in.

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    Corporate Matters Our Columbus, GA Lawyers Can Help You With

    Many legal issues could befall a corporate entity. Accordingly, a corporate law attorney will need to be adept in a wide array of skills and areas. Fortunately, our corporate law team has the experience and skills to effectively represent you in whatever corporate matters you may need help with, including:

    Contract Obligations

    One of the most common reasons corporations employ attorneys is to resolve contract issues. While contract writers try as best as they can to ensure that the meaning of their words is clear to both sides of the contract, sometimes things slip through the cracks, or other interpretations of the same obligations pop up when another businessperson or attorney examines the contract. In those cases, one side of the contract can feel emboldened to do something that goes against the document. This, understandably, leads to lawsuits, especially when the action in question is one side refusing to pay the other. Our attorneys can examine the contract under dispute and advise on the best way to deal with a party that is not honoring their agreements.

    Debt Collection

    Corporations also, from time to time, will finance projects or give loans to other parties with the expectation that the corporation will be paid back at some point in time. Unfortunately, debtors do not always honor the payment schedule that was originally agreed on, either because of circumstances outside their control or because they simply do not want to pay up.

    If the situation is in the former camp, our attorneys can work with your debtor to build a plan that works for you and them. This can be beneficial because it can help diminish any hard feelings between your corporation and the debtor. This is especially important if you expect to do business with the debtor at any point in the future. Acting hostile when they are weak may prompt them to do the same when given the opportunity. Moreover, a cooperative approach can make a debtor more amicable in paying off a debt they owe you.

    If the latter situation applies, our lawyers can firmly, professionally, and cordially pursue all legal options available to us to get you the money you are owed. Of course, we will never go so far as to skirt what is allowed by the law or potentially violate any debt collection rules. In fact, doing that can hurt your chances of getting paid, as the debtor may have actions they can take in court, and they certainly will not want to do you any favors in paying you back what you say they owe you.

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    Corporations will sometimes merge or acquire one another for financial benefit. Oftentimes, a smaller corporation will be acquired by a larger one, but that is not always the case. There are many different ways that corporations can merge. For example, a “triangle” merger involves two corporations merging with a third corporation, which was made for the sole purpose of absorbing the other two corporations.

    Corporation mergers and acquisitions are often bespoke processes with a lot of input from the legal teams of both corporations. Our attorneys for corporate matters would be more than happy to help you with any merger or acquisition needs you have with your corporation.


    Sometimes, corporations dissolve without necessarily merging with another corporation. When this happens, things can get very hectic. Inventory and other assets will need to be sold, and shareholders will likely be clamoring to cash out and get any benefits from holding their shares. This can create a lot of legal issues, which, of course, our lawyers can help you address.

    Why Hire a Corporate Lawyer in Columbus, GA?

    Some individuals in corporations may be wondering why they should hire a corporate lawyer at all. After all, many large corporations even have in-house legal departments that they can rely on. However, even those corporations may benefit from hiring an outside attorney to help them with their corporate law needs. A fresh set of eyes not necessarily beholden to the corporation they are advising can bring to light important details that individuals working for the corporation might have missed.

    Additionally, if you are a smaller corporation, you may not have a dedicated legal department. In that case, hiring a corporate lawyer can help you handle complex legal issues more effectively than going online and getting a generic answer or consulting an online legal advice service.

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