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Georgia Commercial Collections Attorney

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    A dependable stream of cash flow is critical to any business venture’s success. In short, you need to keep getting paid in order to operate your business. When parties elect not to pay you what you are owed, it can hamper your ability to pay your employees or meet your own obligations. Indeed, serious damage to your business can happen when you are not paid by those who owe you money.

    Fortunately, our lawyers can help. We know how to deal with getting you the pay you are owed in an effective way that will not go foul of laws or regulations surrounding the collection of debt. Our attorneys know how to get results. Let us get them for you.

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    Why Hire Our Georgia Commercial Collections Lawyers?

    You may be wondering why you need a dedicated collections lawyer in the first place. After all, can you not just work towards collecting debts you are owed yourself? While yes, you can go it alone and hope that it works, you are much better off hiring our commercial collections lawyers and having us work towards collecting your debts.

    First and foremost, debtors are much more likely to take you seriously when legal counsel gets involved. Entities tend to lose their nerve when the prospect of potential legal actions starts dangling over their head. Hiring counsel can help you get paid faster by those who may be withholding payment and waiting for things to blow over.

    Second, we do not “attack” debtors in a way that is detrimental to getting you paid. Although it may be satisfying to aggressively pursue debtors, taking things too far can result in the opposite of what you want to take place. For example, if you constantly ask a debtor to pay you through the day, you may run afoul of federal debt collection rules. If a debtor feels particularly desperate, the debtor may file for bankruptcy and stop you from getting debts paid on your own terms. Our lawyers know how to delicately balance and firmly demand the payments you are owed while also not destroying business relationships with potential debtors.

    What Kinds of Commercial Collection Can Our Lawyers Help You with in Georgia?

    Commercial collections can take a lot of different forms. You may be getting income from various sources, and each source may require a slightly different approach to get you paid what you are owed. In addition to getting you paid the debts you are owed, we can also help defend you if you are the subject of a debt collection that you do not believe is justified.

    Promissory Notes

    A promissory note is a written agreement by one party to pay another at a later point in time. In essence, it is a formal “IOU.” Usually, promissory notes are given by banks, trusts, and other financial institutions. However, individuals can also give promissory notes with no issue. Promissory notes can be used for many different purposes. A common purpose is to smooth corporate operations. This can help keep things running while a business is waiting for payments to come in. However, if you think that an entity that gave you a promissory note is holding out, we will hold them to their word and make sure they pay you what they said they would.

    Installment Contracts

    An installment contract is a contract that requires a series of things to be completed in order to be considered upheld. These contracts are frequently used for things like the sale of goods from a wholesaler to a business, as they allow for consecutive deliveries/performances without needing a new contract each time. Failure to uphold an installment contract by a business partner can be detrimental to your profit and image, so it is important to contact experienced legal counsel to deal with those situations.

    Defaulting Debtors

    If you are in an agreement with another party, the last thing you want to hear is that they will intentionally default on an agreement and not pay you. Sometimes, business owners can see this coming because relationships are breaking down. Other times, it is a complete shock. Either way, an intentional default or breach of contract can be very detrimental to your business. Usually, there is something in the contract detailing what happens if a party does not hold up their end of the bargain. Our lawyers can examine the contract and see what happens when an entity defaults, and we will ensure that the defaulting party’s obligations under the contract are met.

    Will Hiring a Commercial Collections Attorney Hurt My Georgia Business?

    Let’s face it: debt collectors are not exactly loved in society. You may be, understandably, concerned that hiring a lawyer to collect debt will sour relations with a potential business contact and future beneficial client. However, you should not have those concerns. Our attorneys pride themselves on dutifully, professionally, and respectfully interacting with debtors in a way that does not breed hostility or resentment. Not only is this beneficial to the debtor, but it is also beneficial to you because cooperation may make the debtor actually want to pay you what you are owed instead of feeling like money is being taken from them – at least from their perspective. They may even want to work with you in the future and become a successful client or contact.

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