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How Businesses Should Successfully Go About Collecting Debt is a leading Entrepreneurship Blog, helping you turn your entrepreneurial dream into a reality with the absolute latest tips, news and advice!

This article from SmallBizDaily (Sourced through offers a good level headed approach to the business owner who is faced with problems collected owed debts.  Key points include:

  • Keeping Your Cool and not acting out emotionally.
  • Know the Legalities of the Situation and Know when to contact a debt collection lawyer.
  • Consider Selling Your Debt
  • Remember to Document Everything
  • Never Result To Harassing Your Debtor.

If you decide your best recourse is legal action, it’s important that you contact an experienced law firm that has a team with specialized debt collection experience.  The Law Firm of Howe & Associates has a proven track record of successfully representing businesses in recovering debts.   Watch what one of clients has to say about our process and our team.