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How Do I Collect a B2B Debt?

The process of collecting a debt owed to you from another business can seem daunting if you don’t understand the process.  Howe & Associates believes in helping our clients understand the process. After helping the client understand how to collect a B2B debt, then we take on the “heavy lifting” and getting our clients the money they are owed.

We have a large library of videos that helps explain the process to collect a B2B debt. And, we encourage you to watch them as you decide your next steps.  Our videos cover topics such as :

  • What Does a Collection Attorney Do?
  • How To Collect Past Due Loan Payments
  • What are Payment Bond Claims in Georgia?
  • Overcoming bankruptcy Barriers in Collecting Business Debts
  • How Can I Seek a Court Order to Repossess Pledged Collatteral?
  • What is a Promissory Note?
  • How can I Negotiate a Reasonable Plan of Repayment?
  • Can a Debtor Return Materials in Exchange for Payment?
  • What to do When Faced with Chapter 11 Bankruptcy with a Debtor?
  • How Does Our Firm Enforce Judgements?
  • The Debt Collection Demand Letter Process in Georgia
  • How can Landlords Collect Delinquent Rent Payments in Georgia?
  • How Does Our Firm Handle Breach of Contract Cases?
  • and much more…

Andrew Weisblat, in his article at states that “There are many steps in the commercial debt collection process, which can often require legal action against a business debtor. ”   The laws in Georgia are different than the laws in other states. So, it’s important to hire an experienced Georgia debt collection attorney that understands the specifics if the debtor is in Georgia.

Howe & Associates Makes B2B Debt Collection Easy

Do your B2B clients owe your company money? Fortunately, the professionals at Howe & Associates can help you understand the process to collect a B2B debt. And, they can help you take the steps to collect these debts and maintain your business relationships. So, contact our office today to find out why our experience and value make our law firm the best choice to handle your collection claims.