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How a Mechanic’s Lien Can Help

Scott Wolfe Jr., CEO of zlien, has written a good article on how a Mechanic’s Lien can help you.

4-17-2014 7-15-03 PMIn the article he states “While the battle between policy and contract is likely to continue, for construction industry members both new and seasoned, it’s important to be aware of contract clauses and risk shifting devices.”.  He then goes on to list some of the provisions to consider.

If you are considering a Mechanic’s Lien to protect you from future bad debt situations, we recommend that you read the full article at the link below:

Risky Business: How a Mechanic’s Lien Can Help | The Lien – Zlien

The economy has shown signs of rebound but financial risk still threatens the construction industry. Mechanics liens can help shift risk back up the chain.