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    Every decision matters when running a business. However, many business owners and partners face challenges that are difficult to solve alone.

    That is where our Savannah attorneys can help. Our firm provides full service to businesses to address any need they have. Whether you are starting a business or planning its succession, we will help you develop a strategy that achieves your goals. We will also help you draft legally sound documents that represent your interests, making sure that you are complying with the laws of your industry. If a dispute arises with a business partner, we will not hesitate to initiate litigation. Most issues can be resolved through careful negotiation, but having an attorney who is not afraid to argue in court can make all the difference.

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    Functions Our Corporate Attorneys Perform in Savannah, GA

    You likely have numerous considerations if you are running a business in Savannah. From forming your business to the day-to-day operations, our corporate attorneys work closely with our clients so that companies not only comply with the law but also position themselves for success. With our support, your business can focus on growth and innovation while we handle the many legal complexities. The following are some of the services we provide in Savannah:

    Starting a Business

    Building a successful business starts with its structure from day one. Our team can help entrepreneurs through the complex maze of decisions and requirements involved in starting a business.

    Choosing the right business entity is essential. Each type of entity, such as sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or corporation, has unique implications for liability, taxation, and operational flexibility. Our attorneys will work with you to fully understand your vision, financial goals, and level of risk tolerance.

    After deciding on the entity type, the next step involves preparing and filing the necessary documentation. Crafting foundational agreements, such as operating agreements for LLCs or bylaws for corporations, is one of the most vital services we offer.

    These documents not only govern the internal operations of the business but also outline the rights and responsibilities of each member or shareholder. We can help draft these documents so that they protect your interests.

    Drafting Documents

    It is important for any business to have proper documentation. Well-drafted documents serve as the foundation that safeguards the business’s interests and minimizes its risks of future disputes. In Savannah, our attorneys have years of experience in drafting a wide range of business documents that are critical to a company’s success.

    For instance, employment agreements are essential in defining the terms of employment, including roles, responsibilities, compensation, and confidentiality requirements. These agreements must comply with labor laws while also protecting the company’s interests.

    Protecting a business’s intellectual property is also paramount to our firm. It is important to draft non-disclosure agreements and other documents so that they protect trade secrets.

    Lastly, for businesses that involve real estate, whether through leasing or purchasing property, our attorneys can help draft and review lease and purchase agreements and any other documents you have related to your commercial real estate.

    Negotiating Contracts

    Negotiation is both an art and a science, which our attorneys have practiced for years. We routinely represent businesses and negotiate with stakeholders such as suppliers, customers, and partners. With our help, you can ensure that no issue is overlooked.

    We also evaluate contracts to identify potential risks and liabilities, which enables us to advise businesses on how to mitigate these risks while achieving their contractual objectives.

    In some cases, contracts require amendments to better serve the interests of the involved parties. Our team is adept at negotiating these changes with clarity and mutual benefit for everyone involved.

    Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

    Savannah businesses must continually comply with local, state, and federal regulations. Our team can provide regular counsel so your business complies with Savannah’s local ordinances and Georgia’s state laws. Our advice will help companies avoid fines or other penalties for violating any relevant regulations.

    Moreover, certain industries are subject to additional layers of regulation that can be challenging to navigate. That is why we often assist businesses in sectors such as healthcare, finance, and technology by providing guidance on how to comply with these specific regulations.

    Of course, periodic audits and assessments are sometimes conducted to ensure compliance. We will work to coordinate and oversee these efforts, identifying potential areas of concern and recommending corrective actions to avoid further punishment.

    Planning Your Business Succession

    Entrepreneurs are often concerned about the future of their businesses and how a company can smoothly transition through the retirement, incapacitation, or death of its owners or partners. This process often involves drafting buy-sell agreements, setting up family trusts, or structuring the business to facilitate the easy transfer of ownership.

    Another vital aspect of succession planning is minimizing the tax burden on the business and the heirs. We can collaborate with tax professionals to create plans that take advantage of tax efficiencies while ensuring compliance with federal and state tax laws.

    Succession plans should be accurately reflected in the guiding documents. Our team will help draft wills, trusts, and ownership agreements so that they are legally sound and enforceable.

    Enforcing Copyright and Trademark Protections

    Intellectual property (IP) is a vital asset for many businesses. Proper registration with the relevant federal agencies is the initial step in safeguarding IP. We regularly assist clients in navigating the application process for copyrights and trademarks so that all requirements are met, and the IP is adequately protected.

    In the event of infringement, we will aggressively enforce our clients’ rights. This typically involves drafting cease-and-desist letters, negotiating settlements, or pursuing litigation in federal court.

    Litigating in Court

    When issues cannot be sorted out and disputes arise, we are available to support our clients in court. Before taking your case to court, we will evaluate the case’s merits, explore alternatives to litigation, and create a comprehensive strategy. This stage includes gathering evidence, understanding the legal landscape, and advising clients on potential outcomes.

    For cases that go to trial, we provide complete representation, including managing filings, arguing motions, conducting discovery, and advocating in front of judges and juries.

    In the event that the trial fails to produce a desirable outcome, we can file an appeal. This usually involves providing additional evidence and legal arguments to the superior courts. By doing this, we can contest or support the verdict rendered by the trial court.

    Our Savannah, GA Corporate Attorneys Can Support Your Business to Help Reach its Goals

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