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Wage Garnishment: An Atlanta Debt Collection Lawyer’s Experience

Wage garnishment is important when businesses are trying to collect money from difficult customers. Courts regulate the policies on locating the debtor and communication with said debtor. Anyone in the business of attaching a salary has to abide by strong consumer regulations. Hiring an Atlanta collections attorney is the best way to get the money owed.

Recovering Funds through Wage Garnishment

In a legal case, the courts entrust the collector with sensitive information, and in serious instances, a great deal of money may exchange hands. Atlanta collection lawyers are experienced, presenting a client with the finest legal team available. In addition, Atlanta collections lawyers handle default loans with swift action. When you have done everything possible to collect from a patron, you can place the debt with an Atlanta collections lawyer, and it will get paid. Businesses lose money every year on uncollected debts. Fortunately, State and Federal law has statutes in place giving debt collectors a means of recovering funds through wage garnishment. These are civil cases requiring experience in the area of debt collection.

The Debtor’s Rights

Specializing in wage garnishment, an Atlanta debt collection lawyer understands the entities that may act on behalf of a debtor and deals with them appropriately. This might be confusing for persons unfamiliar with debt collection. A policy of no collection no fee demonstrates confidence in the abilities of our staff. This fee policy applies to all areas of collection. Businesses sell quality products and need quality representation when managing delinquent accounts. Wage garnishment is a sensitive matter and should be managed professionally for the best outcome. Debt collectors unfamiliar with the law may call consumers at all hours, on jobs or harass them in multiple ways. These activities are unlawful without the express permission of the consumer. Debtors have rights even though they owe money. A collection lawyer keeps the law and collects funds in a lawful manner.

Benefits of Working with a Collection Attorney

Furthermore, working with an attorney offers a better chance of collection. All parties will adhere to the laws and the court processes. Consequently, some collection agencies step outside the boundaries of the law. This creates problems with any collection of monies owed. A client may need money collected from a domestic dispute, credit card or breach of contract. A client can continue focusing on managing their business while an Atlanta Collection lawyer takes care of the legal process necessary to collect funds the debtors owe the business. In addition, paperwork is an important part of collections and wage garnishment. A qualified attorney will make sure all necessary documentation is in the possession of the courts. The court sometimes voids collection when the business cannot present the validation of a debt.

Howe & Associates Can Help with Wage Garnishments

In conclusion, wage garnishments require legal assistance. Furthermore, debtors have rights, and if debt collectors violate these rights, the court can disqualify a case. With all legal action, proper procedure is mandatory in the eyes of the law, and a garnishments case is no different. Losing money at every turn is not the way to collect; so, a no collection no fee is a way to help clients remain in a winning position. Whether collecting bad checks or mechanic’s liens, being paid for services rendered keeps a business moving forward. So, contact Howe and Associates for help collecting your money today.