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    Your business – big or small – is likely to come across legal issues during its operations.  If you do not have your own in-house counsel, you might be overwhelmed by questions that our lawyers can help you with.

    Our attorneys help businesses execute and enforce their contracts.  We fight to take out liens and get contracts paid by taking legal action against delinquent clients and customers, up to and including filing lawsuits against them.  We can also help with partnership disputes, contract disputes before a breach, and full-blown breach of contract cases.

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    Corporate Collections and Contract Enforcement in Warner Robbins

    When you sign a contract, you trust that its protections will be enough to ensure that you get the payment you need from the clients and customers you work with.  Especially for small businesses and closely held enterprises, getting stiffed on a contract can be incredibly dangerous to your bottom line.  Our corporate attorneys can take steps to get your contracts enforced and collect on the debts you are owed.

    Enforcing Contracts

    Contracts have many tools to ensure that they get enforced.  Not only are the terms of the contract powerful in making sure both parties do what they are supposed to but when the contract is violated or performance is delayed, there are tools we can use to make sure the terms get carried out properly.

    First and foremost, we can always take the other party to court if they breach their contract.  Failing to deliver, failing to pay, or otherwise violating the terms of a contract is a breach, and a lawsuit for breach of contract can result in damages or specific performance.  In many cases, the damages will be outlined in the contract as “liquidated damages.”  Alternatively, you may be able to sue for the cost of replacement services and other consequential damages.  In some cases, courts can order specific performance, forcing the other side to deliver goods or carry out some other act as required under the contract.

    We can also seek enforcement through other means, such as by attaching property to pay debts.


    When your accounts receivable is missing payments from clients and customers, it can become difficult to do business.  Our lawyers can look into the terms of contracts with your clients and seek enforcement, as discussed above.  This can often involve aggressive legal actions to get you the payments you are owed, such as filing in court, attaching property and assets from the non-paying party, and selling them to get you the money you are owed.  We may also be able to seek garnishment or similar attachment procedures to satisfy outstanding contracts.


    In many cases, getting a contract paid can involve taking out a mechanics lien.  When your business involves renovations, repairs, or other improvements to someone’s property, you can often obtain a lien on the property to ensure payment.  If they refuse to pay for your services or collections become difficult, we can have the property seized and sold to pay you what you are owed.  The process of getting and executing sale under a mechanics lien is often complex, and our lawyers can help with the difficult legal questions involved.

    Contract Review

    Our lawyers also help review contracts so that our clients can avoid problems down the road.  It is always a good idea to have a lawyer go over a contract before you sign it, especially if you were not the party to write the contract.  Our lawyers may also be able to write contracts for you to help avoid issues in how the contracts are later executed or interpreted.

    Partnership Disputes

    When you go into business with someone, you have a lot of trust shared between you.  However, even the best of partners can run into disputes where strong personalities or simply different visions of the business make it hard to reconcile and move on.  In some partnership disputes, the issue is as simple as figuring out who makes which decisions and getting permission to move forward with the plans you put in place.  In others, you may want to dissolve the partnership or create new arrangements to help you go on without the partner but still maintain continuity in your day-to-day business.  Our attorneys can help with any of these situations.

    Commercial Litigation

    Other commercial litigation issues our firm helps with can involve enforcing non-compete clauses, litigation involving employment and business contracts, entity formation and dissolution, mergers, acquisitions, and other legal issues your business might face.

    Why Choose Our Commercial Litigation Attorneys in Warner Robbins, GA

    Part of responsible business ownership and management is knowing when to delegate tasks.  Many businesses start because of great ideas for a product or service – or better ideas for how to market those products or services.  If legal questions are outside your area of practice, delegating the corporate legal work for your business to our law firm might be the best business decision you have ever made.

    Our attorneys can work to help you with whatever issues you have, either on a one-off basis or for repeat business.  Many businesses cannot justify keeping an outside lawyer on retainer at all times or hiring dedicated in-house counsel, making our services perfect for your as-needed legal questions.

    In many instances where businesses do have a lawyer on retainer or in-house, external legal services are still needed.  This is especially true if you are dealing with internal contract disputes, partnership disputes, or issues regarding dissolution or splits within your business, where your in-house counsel cannot represent all parties without creating a conflict of interest.  In these cases, our firm can step in and represent you, potentially against your partners or other parties within the business.

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