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What is the process to engage our law firm for a Debt Collection case?

The process here at Howe & Associates is very simple, and has been refined over many years of debt collection processing experience.  In addition, we provide a great value to our clients, with our low contingency rate.

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The process can be described as follows:

  1. Simplicity to get started.
    Our clients send a one page collection placement form.  Once we receive that, our very experienced paralegals and staff immediately start to work on it.
  2. Tracking Software.
    We set our cases up in a proprietary software package, developed by the premier debt collection software company.  The software is designed with debt collection law firms in mind.
  3. We send a demand letter to the debtor and a acknowledgement letter to the client.
  4. We keep our clients informed of the case, every step of the way.  That includes not only meeting with the client, but also includes detailed reporting.
  5. We then start our direct collection efforts, which usually consists of both demand letters and demand phone calls.
  6. Investigate the debtors assets, to also include title searches and other asset searches.  Our team has a very robust tool set to allow us to find normally hidden assets.  Having this information helps us formulate the best case for our clients and allows us to take an aggressive approach to recover the debt.
  7. If the debtor continues to avoid contact, then we often recommend filling suit.  The added benefit of working with our law firm, is that our percentage does not increase.

To reiterate, when working the case on a contingency, our clients have the peace of mind, that no matter how much time we spend on their case, they will never get a bill for our time.

Often times after the debtor is served with the summons and complaint, they will contact our office to try to work out a payment plan.  Any payment plan must first be approved by our clients.  Since we are trial and litigation attorneys, we will proceed to trial if necessary, and we are very comfortable in that arena.