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3 Foolproof Ways Business Debts Get Collected

Collecting debt is risky and awkward for everyone involved. The people who owe you money are reluctant to part with funds they may or may not have. Even though it is rightfully yours, asking for the defaulted payment will make ex-customers defensive. Hiring a debt collection attorney in Atlanta puts the pressure of collection on someone else. Viacorp, a website run by engineer-turned-writer Jim Heath, posted a book about alternate routes to help business debts get collected. You can negotiate terms, make house calls, or hire a debt collection lawyer in.

Negotiating Helps Business Debts Get Collected

Negotiating may not get you all of your money. However, it is a way out for proud or poor debtors who want to pay you back but cannot. Instead of losing all your money to someone who will forever put off the bill, you can get a large portion. Better yet, you can negotiate a payment plan that works for both of you. Try sending a letter letting the person know that you are willing to discuss his or her defaulted payment. People are much more willing to make small installments over time than to give one lump sum away when they cannot afford to. Some are willing to settle on a small, one-time payment just to get you to stop calling.

Make a House Call to Collect Your Debts

If negotiating does not work, you can take your tactics one step further and make a house call. People are able to dodge your calls or “lose” your letters in the mail. However, when you show up at their doorsteps, it will be hard to turn you away. It is important to remain calm and friendly when you make a house call. You are not trying to strong-arm them, though you are effectively placing them in a situation that makes it difficult for them to say no. Face-to-face confrontation is more than most people can handle. Some will pay their debts to be relieved of social anxiety. Some people will try to solve their debt a different way. They may make false accusations or use intimidation. Sending a representative instead of going yourself keeps the process of getting business debts collected professional.

Hire a Debt Collection Law Firm

The most professional route for business debts to get collected, and often the most effective, is to hire a debt collection law firm. A Forbes article addressed the pros of debt collection firms and what to look for in one. A specialist comes with experience. They know how to handle people, and they know the best tactic to use for each situation. Hiring someone else also holds much less risk than collecting your defaulted payments yourself. A debt collection firm is an objective outsider and no one can accuse them of harassing someone whom the firm has no emotional investment in. They are there to do a job and are well-known for being effective.

Business Debts Get Collected with a Debt Collection Attorney in Atlanta

Whether you hire a debt collection attorney in Atlanta or do the job yourself, there is plenty of help out there. Debt collection blogs like this one offer valuable advice that you can use to further your own negotiations. Keep in mind that the people who owe you money are often just as willing to get this over with as you are. You should hold them accountable for the payments they neglected. That does not mean you need to intimidate them, but it does mean that you need to be serious. At Howe & Associates, we handle all business debt collections professionally. If you need help to get your business debts collected, contact us today.