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Who is the most aggressive debt collection attorney in Atlanta? We hear that question many times and since 1985 our debt collection law firm has been providing aggressive debt collection solutions in the Atlanta area and entire State of Georgia. From debt collection lawsuits, to garnishment, to domestication of judgment in Georgia and judgment collection in Georgia, our collection attorneys have vast experience in collecting debts. We work on a contingency basis, no collection no fee. We collect debts in Atlanta and the entire State of Georgia.

Debt Collection Lawyer in Atlanta Georgia

In the State of Georgia, there are laws protecting consumers; however, there are laws that also help creditors and businesses. The sad part is that when it comes to companies that are owed money, the advertisements and resources are not as easy to find. In order for you to collect debt that your customers owe you in Atlanta or across the state, you must know the proper procedures in your state as well as national consumer regulations. No matter what business you may own, keeping your clients, renters, or customers happy and using your service is of the utmost importance. However, in too many cases, your kind gestures can get you into all kinds of problems such as giving your customers months to repay their debt. For smaller businesses, this can lead to bankruptcy if they do not have a large revenue to keep them sustained while they work on collecting past due debt. Once you have sent letters and made telephones without any recovery, it is time to contact a collection in Atlanta.

At our Debt Collection Law Firm, we stay knowledgeable of every law and regulation to ensure our team and our debt collection tactics are properly executed in a timely manner. With a collection lawyer in Atlanta that has won several million-dollar judgments for their clients, you can rest assured that we work diligently on your behalf as if you were our only client. Our team of collection attorney’s and staff are here to provide you the service you deserve in all areas of debt collections law.

Collection Services in Atlanta

We at Atlanta Collection Law Firm we have helped clients not only in Atlanta but also throughout the state of Georgia with the process of debt collection. We understand the importance of collecting debt and just how not collecting past due money can affect your business. If you are struggling with the collection process due to not enough work force or your customer is completely ignoring all your efforts, you could use the experience of a professional collection lawyer in Atlanta.

Your Collection Lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia

By retaining an experienced team that understands the laws governing debt collection as well as a law firm that has a proven record of recovery in the state will greatly increase your chances of collecting debt.

From doing all the legwork to representing you in court, your collection lawyer in Atlanta, at creditor’s rights law firm will be with you every step of the way. No matter why you are owed money including mortgage payments, rent, extended credit for goods, or work performed such as remodeling or roof repair, we are experienced at collecting debt.

Importance of Acting Fast with Debt Collection in Georgia

In all states across the nation have their own statues of limitations that limit the amount of time a person can be sued for any debt. The limitations vary not only to the state but also the type of debt an individual owes and if the contract was written or oral. Contacting an attorney after you have hit a road block with collecting debt, will ensure you have the help you need that understands all the laws and regulations for collecting debt in the state of Georgia.

At this time, we would like to offer our services to you as your Collection Lawyer in Atlanta with a free consultation. At Debt Collection Firm in our Atlanta office, we offer a free consultation to everyone that is need of debt collection help in the state. You can contact one of your professional debt collection attorney’s today at 678-566-6800. The consultation is offered with no obligation for future services.