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What Is a Breach of Contract in a Debt Collection Case?

What is a breach of contract as it pertains to your business debt collection case?

Get the details on what happens if there is a breach of contract and what it means for your debt recovery efforts. If you are experiencing nonpayment from a client, you may be dealing with a breach of contract. Read on to learn what this is and what you can do to recover business debts as soon as possible.

Understanding Client Breach of Contract

A breach of contract is when one party fails to fulfill its contractual duty. This issue is a top reason for business litigation in courtrooms across the United States. For business owners, a contract involves offering a product or service in exchange for payment. Even if the agreement was verbal, it is a binding contract. That means if there is no payment, the customer or client is breaking the contract and failing to fulfill their responsibility.

Another common type of breach of contract in business is when a client or customer pays for a product or service, and the company does not deliver. Either way, a breach of contract is a “cause of action” to litigate in the state of Georgia.

What to Do If There Is a Breach of Contract

If a client or customer fails to fulfill their end of a contract, you may need to move forward with a debt collection case to recover the money they owe you. Your best course of action is to reach out to an experienced debt collection agency and law firm for professional legal representation. Debt collection attorneys know exactly what steps you should take to recover funds as quickly as possible. It’s important to handle these cases with care and to know the proper steps for moving forward with litigation if necessary.

Get a Qualified Debt Collection Attorney in Your Corner

At Howe & Associates Debt Collection Attorneys, our experienced lawyers handle many broken contract cases each year. It’s one of the most common case types we litigate. Hence, we know what it takes to obtain a fair judgment in breach of contract cases. And, we can help you navigate the process to get the settlement you deserve for your products or services. You’ve worked hard to build your business and shouldn’t have to deal with customer nonpayment and broken contracts. Count on our Atlanta attorneys to help you work toward an optimal outcome.

So, if you have a customer or client who has not paid you and you need to begin effective debt collection proceedings or litigation, we can help. Contact Howe & Associates Debt Collection Attorneys online or call 678.566.6800 to request a free consultation. We can help you move forward when there is a breach of contract in a debt collection case.