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Debt Collection Starts on the Front End

Companies need to do the right kind of work on the front end to help them later down the line.  One of the first steps is having a credit application on file.

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Having a Credit Application filled out by their clients.  The credit application will identify their clients legal entity.  For example, it lets us know if they are a sole proprietorship, corporation or partnership.  The application will also identify some of their asset information up front, such as their banking account information, some of their clients.  The banking and client information can be used after you receive a judgment against the debtor , and allows us to go back and garnish bank accounts and possibly wages.

When we bring on a new client, we not only like to handle their immediate debt collection matter, but we also like to analyze and evaluate their entire credit and collection process, to make sure we get their documents squared away up front.

Here are common questions we receive from our clients?

When should I send a case out to collection?

The answer to that is very simple, and it’s, as soon as you see your client as a bad debtor.  Businesses that wait usually get passed up by more aggressive creditors.  We therefore recommend that you send out whatever notice you have to your client, and if they drag their feet, do not hesitate to send it to our office for collection.

Why do clients choose Howe & Associates?

  1. Our Level of Experience.  We’ve handled over 80,000 debt collection cases.
  2. The Value we add.  A lot of lawyers would want to get a huge upfront retainer and then charge a high hourly rate.  We understand that doesn’t work very well for debt collection, so most of our client choose a contingency option, which we provide.