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How to Enforce and Collect on a Judgment in Georgia

Today we’re going to talk about the enforcement of judgement and how our law firm enforce judgement. Judgement serves as a lean against all of the property of the judgement debts – that means that all of the real estate as well as all of the personal property is attached by the judgement. In Georgia, which is a very good state for creditors, we can attached all of their property. We deal with the sheriff’s office to make levy demands. If needed, we even carry that levy process all the way to a full levy where we are levying all of the property and then sell that in auction. There are ways to enforce discovery, we like to bring the debtors in for a post judgement deposition. We like to serve them with post judgement discovery, we’re looking for garnish-able sources and assets to attach. There are lots of sources for garnishment in Georgia, accounts receivables, bank accounts can be garnish. There’s a long list of things that you can garnish in Georgia and enforce that garnishment statue as well as the levy. We take a very proactive approach whenever we have a judgement to uncover and attach assets to satisfy the debt.