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Work is Not Free: What to Do When Customers Ignore Your Invoices

Businesses often struggle to deal with customers who don’t pay invoices. In this post, read how to manage customers who ignore invoices.

This article outlines some basic steps the most business owners should take when attempting to collect an overdue debt. Those steps outlined include the following:

  • Contacting your customer
  • Resend the invoice with a specific deadline
  • Hire a factoring company
  • Hire a collection agency
  • File a lawsuit

This advice generally is sound when your customers ignore invoices. However, before considering hiring a factoring company or using a traditional collection agency, it’s best to consult an experienced debt collection attorney first.  An attorney can guide you to a larger recovery. In addition,  an attorney often times generates action by the debtor much quicker than other options.

When Customers Ignore Invoices

At the Georgia Debt Collection Law Firm of Howe & Associates, we understand how frustrating it can be when customers ignore invoices or refuse to pay for goods or services they received on credit. We provide our clients with the experience of a complete team of paralegals, investigators, and collectors. Our goal is to provide the best results for our clients. Along with doing all the legwork, we also include detailed reporting on each step we take. This allows you to know how things are progressing. Our comprehensive solution is the best in the area providing you with a team of experts that have proven success.

Our team of professionals stays up to date on all changes in debt collection laws, legislative issues, and even courtroom strategies to provide you with a winning team. We are not just your run of the mill law office that will only go so far to collect debt that is owed to our clients. When the need arises, we will go to court and fight for our clients. When customers ignore invoices, court of course is the last resort. Similarly, remember your customer does not wish to wind up in court, either.

Debt Collection You Can Trust

At Howe & Associates, we offer a free, no obligation consultation to everyone in need of debt collection help. If your customers ignore invoices, you can contact one of your professional debt collection attorney’s today.