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Foreclosure Attorney Atlanta

Foreclosure Lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia

Foreclosure Collection lawyer atlanta

With the state of the economy and with delinquencies are on the rise, it is critical for lenders to move quickly and efficiently when faced with a delinquency.  Non-producing assets are not what you want.

Foreclosure Law Firm in Atlanta

Because Georgia is a non-judicial foreclosure state, the time to complete a foreclosure is much shorter than most other states.  In Georgia, the process of foreclosure from the initial notice the sale at auction can be completed in a very efficient amount of time, if you have a law firm that is well versed in foreclosures in this state. In addition, if you are holding a mechanic’s lien we can foreclose on that as well as a judgment lien. We are a judgment lien foreclosure law firm.

State of Georgia Foreclosure Attorney

Howe & Associates is well versed.  Whether you are a lender, holder of a mechanic’s lien, or investor, we can help.

Personal Property Foreclosure Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

Under the UCC, or The Uniform Commercial Code, a creditor may foreclose upon their collateral provided a financing statement is filed with the court.  In order to foreclose on personal property in Georgia for which creditor holds collateral, the creditor would file a writ of possession, otherwise known as a replevin action or a trover action.  Our Georgia replevin attorneys will work on your behalf to recovery your merchandise.