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What Does A Georgia Debt Collection Attorney Do?

As a debt collection attorney in Georgia, we are often asked what does your job encompass? A collection attorney does many things and more specifically, are heavy in civil litigation. When you’re talking about a debt collection case, you’re going to see a lot of civil litigation from beginning to the end.

What is Handled by an Attorney in a Debt Collection Case:

  • Identifying who the plaintiff and defendant are
  • Serving the defendant with the summons of complaint
  • Coordinating wit the sheriff’s office to perfect proper service in the case
  • Following whether there is an answer or not.
  • If there is not an answer we can proceed for a default judgement.
  • If there is an answer filed and perhaps the debt is disputed then we can conduct discovery

These a are all components of what a debt collection attorney does.

What is the Goal of a Debt Collection Attorney in Georgia?

The goal is to collect the debt. The collection can occur often times early, or during the the litigation process or its done after the judgment. What an attorney is seeking is payment and we are using the litigation process to collect the debt. Some cases are faster than others. Once a judgment is obtained then we can use that to collect on the assets.

The job of a attorney is all encompassing, and far reaching. It covers all of these things and anything necessary in order to collect on the debt.