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How Can Landlords Collect Delinquent Rent Payments in Georgia

There’s help to landlords seeking collections on their past due or delinquent rent payments in Georgia. Reviewing some of the steps their debt collection firm takes to prepare and collect on bad debts, is the video topic in review today.

We’ve been in business since 1985 and we’ve handled thousands of cases representing landlords seeking collections on their past due or delinquent rent payments. We are commonly working with them. There are a lot of things that go into the collection process for past due rent payments.

We want to obtain a copy of the lease documents. There are a lot of things in the lease that can help you and serve as a tool for collecting your debt. We’ll take a look at the lease and see what’s in there.

Georgia has provisions that will allow you to add cost of collection and attorney fees if you are required to use an attorney to collect the debt.

We also help new clients make improvements to their existing lease agreements from a debt collection standpoint. Many times you get your rental lease agreements written by an attorney however they might not be a debt collection attorney and not incorporate elements that make the debt collection processes much smoother, faster and reliable. We can add those things into the agreements that will help you collect your debts faster if the renter fails to pay their agreed upon fee.