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Judgment Enforcement : You Only Pay If We Collect Your Debt!

In the debt collection industry, people say that obtaining a judgment is only half of the battle.  Unfortunately, being able to collect on an obtained judgment takes time, effort and expertise. Fortunately, Georgia has statutes that provide great power to creditors.  So, whether you have obtained a judgment here in Georgia or you have obtained a judgment in another state, we can help with judgment enforcement.

Domestication of a Judgment in Georgia

Pursuant to the Uniform Judgment Enforcement Act, Georgia will recognize judgments obtained in most every other state. This is an  advantage to the creditor.  The courts will not force them to file a completely new lawsuit if the debtor moves from that state to Georgia. The court can domesticate the judgment, which is a procedure that entails filing of the judgment in the county of the debtor’s residence.

The first step in judgment enforcement is when the court system attaches the judgment as a judgment lien. This lien will go against all of the debtor’s real and personal property.  In addition, creditor collection remedies in Georgia include bank garnishment, wage garnishment, and property levy.  Furthermore, an attorney can examine the judgment debtor under oath as well as serve post judgment discovery on the debtor. Hence, this will enable you to locate assets to attach with the judgment.  Being aware of all of the judgment enforcement laws in Georgia requires the services of an experienced debt collection attorney.

Law Firm for Judgment Enforcement in Georgia

Since 1985, the law firm of Howe & Associates has worked with creditors to enforce and collect on judgments.  We have knowledge gained from over 60,000 debt collection claims handled over nearly three decades. Hence, judgment enforcement is something we are quite good at. So, get in touch with one of our knowledgeable attorneys today to begin the process of getting what you are owed.