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A Lien Attorney in Atlanta will Advise Clients with Financial Issues

Your best asset in financial situations threatening court filing is a lien attorney in Atlanta. Therefore, this would be the recommended first call. An attorney can help clients find effective solutions to overwhelming problems. One such problem is threatened liens being attached to your personal property. There are legal steps that must be taken after a court-approved judgment. However, there are some threats that an experienced attorney can keep from happening.

Judgment Liens

As part of a court-approved judgment or settlement, a judgment lien gives a creditor the right to get a debt payment. And, under these circumstances, it is wise to contact a lien attorney in Atlanta experienced in debt collection. Consequently, your real estate and personal property like jewelry, art, valuables and vehicles can be sold. And, the monies from the sales will provide payment for overdue debt in the court ordered amount. At your first meeting, you can address the issue of how to avoid losing your property and valuables. It is important to begin work on protecting as much as you can and to begin to legally settle your debt problems.

First of all, a creditor files the judgment with the Georgia Superior Court clerk. Then the clerk records the judgment and keeps the information on record for seven years.  This strike against your credit can haunt you for seven years.. The best practice would be to seek debt advice from a lien attorney in Atlanta before it gets to court. If your situation is already beyond that, it is strongly recommended that you get legal advice as quickly as possible.

Debt Consolidation or Negotiation

Sadly, the debt problem has greatly increased in these economically traumatic times. And, many families in Georgia are one paycheck away from serious debt. To compound this situation, many people have to pay their own medical expenses or use Cobra. This can be a monthly cost of $900 to $1,200 per month. Most people don’t even qualify for that amount in monthly unemployment. Once you know you will be out of work, you should immediately seek legal help. A lien attorney in Atlanta can help with reliable budgeting assistance and debt consolidation or negotiation. Furthermore, it will be an emotional time, and families that need financial assistance must quickly get all their paperwork in order.

Making an appointment with a professional lien attorney in Atlanta will help you face possible home and property loss. Your lawyer will ask you questions that can help bring out options you haven’t considered. And, there may be solutions to your financial situation you are not aware of. A lien attorney will perhaps know of short term and long term fixes. Also, creditors will deal differently with a legal representative; so, save yourself telephone and mailbox harassment. Once a creditor is contacted by a lawyer, all communication will go through the law offices. Therefore, you will receive no more phone calls and no more threats.

Get Help from a Lien Attorney in Atlanta

Established in 1985, Howe & Associates Debt Collection Civil Trial Law Firm represents victims in all debt collection cases. Howe & Associates have a combined 120 years of litigation and trial experience. And, peers in the legal profession recognize the firm’s lawyers as top legal counsel. Contact a lien attorney in Atlanta to get help today.