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Your company excels at what it does. You supply the product or service in a way that makes you proud.  You have completed your portion of the contract and fully expect to be paid for your efforts.  The problem is, the client either makes excuses or does not even answer the phone or return calls.  Your demand letters are ignored.  Certainly you do not think that is fair.  Neither do we.  That is why we have focused our practice on representing creditors to collect bad debts since 1985.  With nearly three decades of debt collection experience, we have become very good at collecting debts and our hundreds of clients believe so as well.


You Only Pay If We Collect Your Debt!

Debt Recovery and Creditor’s Rights Law Firm covering the State of Georgia

No matter what type of business the creditor is in and no matter the type of debt collection claim we receive:

  • Insurance Premium Debt Collection
  • Software Debt Collection
  • Contract Disputes
  • Medical Services Debt Collection
  • Hospital Liens
  • Credit Card Debt Collection
  • Architect Debt Collection
  • Student Loan Debt Collection
  • Temporary Services Debt Collection
  • Attorney Fee Debt Collection
  • Supplier Debt Collection
  • Subcontractor Debt Collection

We charge on a contingency basis, so we are compensated only if we collect the debt and our contingency fee stays the same regardless of how many hours we work a file. We can file suit, conduct discovery, trial, garnishments and levies,and are only compensated if we collect the debt.

Our proven debt collection strategy can put your company in the best position to collect the debt.  In addition, the laws in Georgia allow you to collect your attorney’s fees from the debtor as well, provided the proper documentation exists.

Atlanta, Georgia Debt Collections Attorney

Upon receipt of each new claim in our office, the debtor receives an immediate attorney demand letter, attorney telephone demands, and our investigators conduct a thorough debtor investigation of the claim, as well as a complete asset search.  In response to our initial demands, if the debtor does not amicably enter into a payment plan acceptable to our client, we would recommend that a lawsuit to collect the debt be filed. Only upon approval from the client will we accept any payment plans or file suit to collect a debt. Because we work on a contingency basis, the creditor is assured that they only pay if we obtain a collection.

Debt Collection Lawyer Atlanta, Georgia

The law firm of Howe & Associates represents creditors in the collection of debts in the entire state of Georgia. If you need assistance with your debt collection matters, contact our office today for a free of charge evaluation of your debt collection claim.